Recently saw a updated NFL ratings chart showing less then stellar viewership of NFL games on TV. While ratings can’t consistently rise year after year, found this curious after only Week 4. Few theories I have had for a time now. Believe thirst for bellying up to the tube has waned. Mostly it’s a bombardment almost nightly. Thursday all day and night Sunday along with the Monday matchup. Sprinkle in some college and well that’s alot of incomplete 3rd & 8s. My new thought though is the millennial crowd. While they might follow football I don’t think they have a passionate team that they follow. I truly believe more interest in their Fantasy Squad then if the Niners won a close one or if the Cowboys won or lost. Added to this belief, is that watching the games isn’t a priority to many.  Install the app for your league and know pronto if Cam ran one in and or threw a TD pass. Who needs to spend time to the TV all day. Yahoo Sports has it all, along with your leagues scoring.Differant eyeballs are watching the NFL these days. Not extinct but fewer?  fans cheering together and cheering on the home team as a common purpose, more so the interest lies in if Julio Jones went off again this week and the hope David Carr  doesn’t go crazy against your Fantasy team.No more TDs from him,…please. For many a year it was a bummer when your favorite team lost on Sunday , now it’s when you get beat by a 49 yard field goal from a co workers 2-5 squad. 


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